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Hello all & thanks Bones for bringing me into the fold!
This Stu from Hawkrigger, I'm
a seasoned beltmaker/newbie strapmaker and here to share some of the stuff I make with you.

Up unitil recently I have been exclusively making belts to support concealed carry firearms, for edc enthusiasts and for folks like me that just need to hold their brooks up.

I must have experimented with every conceavable type of belt set up along the way but then came across a vintage dive belt, the type used by the French Military Divers and realised that I could redevelop the buckle to make a watch strap. I'd like to share some of what I do here on the Shed, ...hope you dig it [biggrin] checkout my website and @hawkriggergear on instagram and on bones' site for straps [thumb]
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